House and Harmony Interior Design Studio

7550 Miramar Road, Suite 205

San Diego, CA 92126

(858) 432-6800

Who Needs the Two-Hour Consultation? 

This is a great service for a new homeowner who is looking for direction on how to approach their space and make it their own. Or, anyone else that is looking to refresh their space, or redesign to sell. 


The consultation involves two informative hours with customized ideas for your home. We can focus on one room, or your entire home. We'll tour your space, discuss your goals for each room, make recommendations on areas that need improvement, and make suggestions on what to tackle first.

Additionally, we will make recommendations on the following: 

  • Styling Tips 

  • Window Treatment Ideas 

  • Recommendations on furniture layout 

  • Ideas on Furniture Selection 

  • Lighting Ideas 

  • Ideas on incorporating pattern

  • Ideas on mixing existing pieces with new ones

  • Paint Ideas 

  • Direction on how to create a realistic and comfortable budget


House and Harmony is highly flexible and offers an array of services to match your level of need and budget level. After the initial two hours, if you feel that you need more, we can direct you to the level of service that meets your project needs best.