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Decorate Your Home With Things You Already Own

Decorate Your Home With Things You Already Own

Now more than ever we are turning to our homes for shelter, and refuge. The recent events have us stuck at home, waiting to get back to our lives. Things have changed a lot in just a couple of weeks. We are now confined to our homes, working and living in the same spaces, and if you are like so many people, you are now realizing your space needs a little something. A little shake, and spice to bring some charm back to it.

You are now suddenly stuck looking at your walls, and thinking “How have I been living in this space all this time?” Let’s be real we are all feeling the same…You are stuck at home, so let’s make your space a whole lot better!

Send me your before and after pictures. I would love to see your progress!

How to decorate your home with things you already own.

1. Declutter Your Space

How do you plan to use this space? Look at the functionality of the space and how you intend to use it. Remove anything that doesn’t belong. Keep only the essentials, and what will serve the purpose for this space. Decluttering will make the room look bigger and lighter.

2. Swap Your Furniture Layout

Rearrange your furniture for a change in scenery, and a refreshing way to enjoy your space again.

3. Paint a Piece of Furniture

Be resourceful with things you already own. I love paint samples, because they can always be used to transform old and worn furniture pieces. Do you have an item that has seen better days? Give it new life with a little paint. Be creative, you can use one color, or a variety of colors to make it stand out.

4. Loose Some Furniture

Sometimes clients have a hard time with their floor plan, and it’s usually because they have a lot of furniture in their