• Claudia

A Look at 2020's Color Forecast from Sherwin Williams!

Hello, and Happy New Year!

Can you believe 2020 is here? There is so much excitement in the new year, with intentions and resolutions for a new start. So, I thought this would be a great time share Sherwin Williams' color forecast for 2020. After all, nothing says reset, and refresh like a new coat of fresh paint. So, help me ring in the new year with Sherwin Williams newest color trends! They have created new color combinations perfect to spark your inspiration to refresh your space in the new year.

I was recently invited to a Sherwin Williams COLORMIX Forecast event, which is an exclusive event and lecture for design professionals about color. The presentation included new color palettes for the upcoming year, and revealed the color of the year, “Naval”. Forty-five gorgeous colors created 5 soothing and luxurious color palettes ranging in saturation and vibrancy.

The lecture was really informative, and touched on the influences behind each color palette. The desire to slow down and go back to a more simple time, while living in a very fast paced world. I just love how these lectures on color are so inspirational, and are often so reflective of the times we live in.

Join me as I take you through each beautiful color palette, and discover the colors you will soon see more of in the coming year in home furnishings, textiles, print and digital marketing, and of course, fashion!

Technology has made us more connected now than ever before. We live in a very well connected and instantaneous time and at any given moment we can get constant hits of different segments of information. People are living busier lives with less meaningful interactions, and are grasping to become more grounded, to be unique and authentic.

People are striving to live more fulfilled lives, to be in the moment, enjoy the present and to live life to the fullest.

New trends are showing a real desire to be surrounded by handmade products, and items which resemble more simplistic times. The desire to search for positive and authentic experiences.

These human desires have influenced the Alive color palette. The dominant colors are deeper in saturation and represent the anchoring elements. They are paired with softer and cooler tones which spark balance and inspiration. Naval is also in this palette which is the color of the year- a soft, calming and classic hue.

Influences: Optimism, Authenticity, Curated, and Southwestern

The Mantra palette is soft, quiet and calm. The colors range from soft pink, blues and purples pastels. The main influences here are human desire to go minimal, and to seek quieter and more tranquil spaces-