• Claudia

2020 Trends from Market

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Trends Market 2020

Some of the trends we saw in the Sherwin Williams color forecast are still evolving and going strong. (You can read more about SW's 2020 forecast here. )

The color palettes focused on play, mantra, heart, haven, and alive. The main influences are to live a more intentional life in a hectic world, through fun, balance, human connection, the outdoors, and authenticity.

The trends at market showcased most of these characteristics, and reinforced the current social trends for the appreciation in luxurious comfort, handcrafted pieces and sustainable products.

Blow are some of the hot trends from market this year.

1. Bronze made an appearance in a big way, from furniture bases, bar carts, and hardware.

2. Contemporary styled pieces, and the blending of comfort and luxury. Bronze or gold metal accents and luxurious fabrics.

3. Sleek modern furniture with tribal inspired accents.

4. Vibrant colors in accent furniture and accessories.